Individual Training

Intense focused session(s) that provide specific guidance to increase skill set. Clients will benefit greatly from reoccuring training.

Individual Summary of Skills

Set up specific workout to access skill while providing feedback and critique. This will provide an accurate base to begin.

Group Training

Training tailored to specific goals, sports or skills. Group size vary depending on desired training and goals.

Mentorship (Group and Individual)

Insight, guidance, and understanding to help the student athletes to make appropriate decisions about everyday life.


Preparing clients to achieve academic success. T2S will work to develop healthy study habits, test taking skills, and stress management.

College "Life" Preparation

College life alone is challenging without the rigors of practice, community service, and work study. T2S will discuss time management and what to expect, and some of their real life triumps and lessons. They will also help clients through the process of registration, FAFSA, etc.

Life Coaching (Group and Individual)

It is one of T2S ultimate goals to ensure all of their clients are resilent and prepared for life's rigorous changes. T2S offers group talking sessions and individual sessions where they will discuss anything that is on their client's mind.

Test Preparation

T2S will walk clients through test scheduling, application process, and proctored practice exams.