Other Services

Personal Training

T2S training offers personal training with certified personal trainer David Chancellor Graham. T2S offers a 90 day comprehensive workout plan where the CPT will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and custom make a workout package for your needs and desires while monitoring your progress. For more information go to contact tab for inquiry.

Virtual Training

T2S offers virtual training from our CPT that is a fully qualified personal trainer who will prepare a workout program for you based on what you want to achieve, whether it be weight loss, strength or just getting fitter. The CPT will take into consideration what you like to do exercise-wise and what equipment you have access to. Based on your fitness level, the CPT will design an exercise program and eating guide that is delivered straight to your email inbox. You will also get plenty of motivation and encouragement via text message and emails while the CPT will be fully involved and expect clients to send back results.


Since the sessions aren't done in person, as the client you can choose the best time to complete the workouts. Plus, you can choose to do the workouts at home using the equipment you have available. As a T2S client you will get several custom workouts that you can do on your own time, including videos of exercise samples.  T2S CPT will be available day and night via email or text. The CPT will write up a weekly schedule for each client and ask that the client provide feedback at the end of the week detailing how it went. The more feedback received the more effectively the CPT can make up the following week's schedule for you,  The effectiveness relies a lot on how motivated you, as the client, is to achieve your personal goals—and that would still be a factor when working in-person. The CPT is always just an email away for support and will regularly check with clients or drop them a line with a motivating thought or quote for the day,

Veteran Services

T2S recognizes and understands that there are various service related injuries that require special attention as well as modifications of normal exercise.  T2S CPT will access any injuries and modify any workouts that aggravate any existing injuries. T2S also offer specific exercises to strengthen weak areas. T2S trainers will also work on intense stretches to strengthen areas of concern.​